About UIC

The International Union of Railways (UIC) is the world-wide organisation for international cooperation among railways and promotion of the rail transport mode.

It was founded in 1922. Its initial purpose was standardisation and improvement of conditions for railway construction and operations, especially in view of international traffic.

In 2005 a “New UIC” has been designed in order to cope with a series of new challenges, in particular railway liberalisation, increasing competition from other modes, the growing economic constraints on railways together with the challenge of globalisation of the transport market which creates new opportunities for railways.

The UIC mission in 2006 consists in promoting Rail transport at World level in order to meet challenges of Mobility and Sustainable Development.

UIC groups 171 members (railways, rail operators, infrastructure managers, railway service providers, public transport companies, etc.) on all 5 continents. The Headquarters are located in Paris, France.

Contact person: Enno WIEBE
Webpage: http://www.uic.asso.fr