A1: HD Gas Engine for urban area

A1 – “HD Gas Engine for urban area” with the specific objective to reach low gaseous emissions and Diesel engine equivalent fuel consumption by developing variable valve motion management, cooled EGR for gas engines and developing and comparing multipoint port-gas and DI injection.

    A1: perform a gas engine with maximum thermal efficiency potential with:
  • Electro-hydraulic variable valves motion management (EVMG)
  • Multipoint port-gas injection and experimental study of DI injection
  • Cooled EGR
  • Gas quality assessment


A2: Enhanced Flexible Engine

A2 – “Enhanced Flexible Engine” with the specific objective to find the best combination and concept to reach emission limits beyond EURO 5, regarding flexible engine components / sub-systems and further exhaust aftertreatment systems.

    A2: evaluate the potential of different variability in combination with tailored exhaust after treatment systems based on:
  • Novel fuel injection and variable valve actuation (VVA) system combined with
  • Functional particulate filter and catalyst
  • New control strategies for filter regeneration and injection
  • Assessment of different concepts


A3: Enhanced Flexible Engine

A3 – “Innovative Control and Air Utilisation” with the specific objective to develop the sub-systems for a new combustion process with complete air utilisation and to develop a model based closed loop emission control, thus to create the conditions to regard engine and after treatment as one system in the future.

    A3: develop the concept of a new combustion process and the first step to a model based closed loop powertrain control characterised by:
  • High pressure engine with optimised combustion chamber
  • Totally new amplified common rail (CR) system with variable nozzle
  • Raw emission, thermodynamic and exhaust system models
  • model based closed loop emission control
  • Assessment of predictive powertrain control and combustion


A4: High BMEP Engine

A4 – “High BMEP Engine” with the specific objective to investigate the advantages and possibilities of a very high brake mean effective pressure to reduce fuel consumption as best as possible.

    A4: investigate the potential of a high BMEP engine with development of:
  • One- and two-stage turbochargers
  • New engine design
  • Variable compression ratio system


Not to forget

  • WP 0.3 with the specific objective to investigate the possibilities to adapt the future HD technologies to rail diesel engines and to develop the rail diesel engine 2012+
  • Regarding the possibilities to apply these new technologies to rail vehicles

    WP0.3: investigate the potential for correct migration of the developed HD technologies with:
  • Requirements and evaluation
  • Concept development and tests
  • Variable compression ratio system